Terms and Conditions


Some functions of this service require an account to be used. When registering an account, customers need to select a unique user identification code (collectively referred to as “User ID”) and password, and provide some personal information. If the User ID you choose is unilaterally determined by the company to be offensive or inappropriate, the company will


The right to suspend or terminate the customer’s account. Customers may use the account to access other products, websites or services that the Company has enabled access to, or that are affiliated or partnered with the Company. The Company has not reviewed any third-party content, functionality, security, services, privacy policies, or other specifications of those products, sites, or services. If so, the terms of service of these products, websites or services, including their respective privacy policies (if different from the company’s terms of service and/or privacy policy), also apply to customers’ inquiries about these products, websites or use of the Services.