Customer Notice


1. General terms

Members should keep their passwords safe and not disclose or provide them to third parties to know or use them; all activities and behaviors performed with the same member account and password will be considered as the responsibility of the member himself (that is, the account holder). Behavior.

Members must fill in real personal information when registering. If any false login is found, PLAYTGT will suspend or terminate its membership.

If a member finds or suspects that a third party is using their member account or password, they should immediately notify PLAYTGT and take necessary preventive measures.

We will try our best to ensure that the information, prices and inventory of products or services listed on this website have been updated, and we reserve the right to change prices without prior notice.

If any item is not available to the customer due to lack of stock, we have the right to refuse to accept the order, or to provide a product or service of the same type and price as a substitute.

If we are unable to provide any product or service on a customer order, we will notify you by email.

2. Shopping terms

The value of all products or services on this website is calculated in Hong Kong dollars (HKD $) and is subject to the indication at the time of ordering.

Customers will receive a payment receipt for their order when they receive the product or service for their records.

3. Use of the website

All materials used and displayed on the website (including but not limited to text, photos, video, sound and graphics, music, logos, logos and other materials appearing on the website) (hereinafter collectively referred to as “content”) are owned by the company and its franchisees are owned or licensed and are therefore protected by copyright laws, trademark laws, service mark laws, and/or other patent rights laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region or other countries (“Intellectual Property Rights”); and all present and future The intellectual property rights contained in and pertaining to [Content] shall remain the exclusive property of the Company at all times. You agree to use [Content] on the Site solely for your personal and non-commercial (other than purchasing merchandise from the Site), (“Permitted Uses”), provided that no right, title or interest of any nature in [Content] is Neither downloading nor copying for [Approved Use] is transferable to you. You undertake that you have no ownership or license in and to the [Content] other than the limited right to use the [Service] for the [Approved Purposes] in accordance with these Terms. As for the [content] on the website, without the written consent of the company, you cannot copy, publish, retransmit, distribute, display, modify, manufacture some finished products evolved from [content], or use the stored [content] to construct Data units of any kind for personal or third party access, offer or participation in sale, or in any way to exploit all or part of the [Content].

4. Declaration

PLAYTGT may modify these Terms and Conditions at any time and from time to time without notice, and reserves all rights hereby.

If these terms and conditions are changed, the revised version shall take effect from the date of posting. If customers continue to use this website, they are deemed to agree and accept the latest version of these terms and conditions.

PLAYTGT reserves the right to refuse any customer who violates these terms and conditions to enter and provide products or services to this website or any part thereof without prior notice.

These terms and conditions are governed by the laws in force in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Customer agrees to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Hong Kong courts.

These terms and conditions are written in traditional Chinese. In case of any dispute, this version shall prevail.

PLAYTGT will reserve all final decision rights.

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